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Car Safety Questions

ban3Pupils are required to answer two questions from a series of  simple ” show me tell me ” questions on vehicle safety.  One “Tell me” question will be asked at the start of the test and the “Show me” question will be asked as you drive.  The information on this page will helps to illustrate the car safety questions and answers required        Check out the  Show me Tell me Car Safety Questions 

Toyota Auris car controls required for “Show me” Questions  >>


Check the oil on level ground, and before you start the engine to obtain a true reading.
Pull the dipstick, wipe it with a dry cloth, then set it back into the slot – Pull the dipstick again and check the level (ie  High / Low)
If it is near the Low level, top up as needed. Use a good quality oil, and make sure you do not mix diesel oil with oil for a petrol engine. Make sure it is the correct viscosity ie : 15/ 30

img2Check the engine coolant
Remove the cap carefully and NOT when the engine is hot !
Before topping up the level, ensure the correct mixture of antifreeze and water are used.


Screen washer bottle
This can be checked visually -Top it up to the neck of the bottle. Some additives can be mixed during colder weather

img3Check brake fluid level visually using marks on the side of the clear plastic container MAX / MIN. If you see the level as LOW, get the condition of the brake pads checked out by a mechanic. It may be that they need replacing and this could be the reason for the low level reading.
If you do have to open the brake fluid container to check, remember that the fluid itself is very corrosive to paintwork
A “spongy ” feel to the brake pedal will give an indication of problems in the system.
When you’re driving the brakes shouldn’t pull to one side

img4Checking vehicle lightbulbs :
Most car light bulbs can be checked easily by switching on dipped headlights, hazard lights, and by applyiing the footbrake whilst someone checks all bulbs. If you are on your own, back up against a reflective surface and you can check if the brake lights are operating after you have had a visual check all round.

When replacing halogen headlight bulbs, make sure you do not touch the head of the bulb with your fingers. Touch only the plug end.


Make sure you have at least 1.6 mm depth of tread across the central three quarters of the width of your tyres this should be all the way round and there should not be any cuts or bulges in the sidewalls.

A reliable pressure gauge should be used to check that tyres have the recommended pressure in them (this information can be found in the cars “owners manual”)
Release the valve cap, insert the pressure gauge, and top up as required.

img6Make sure you know how to locate and operate – Heater / rear demist, lights, horn and wipers. – You will be marked on your ability to find these controls quickly, as weather conditions may change while on test. Image shows demister controls on the centre console.


Under the bonnet
The image  shows the car bonnet open and highlights the weekly ” levels checks ”

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