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Learner drivers will be allowed to have lessons on motorways from 2018

Learner drivers across the UK will soon be able to have lessons on motorways.

From 2018, a learner driver will be able to have lessons on motorways  with an approved driving instructor in a dual control car. At the moment provisional licence holders cannot use the motorway. Read more………


Driving test examiners may be given body cams

The DVSA says failed driving test candidates are increasingly targeting examiners with physical and verbal abuse.

The DVSA says there were 240 incidents of physical or verbal abuse reported in 2016, compared with approximately 180 the year before.

One incident in March involved a candidate who was asked to stop the car after committing a number of serious errors……


Changes to Driving Tests  December 2017

The independent drive diagrams presently used by examiners will no longer be used as part of the driving test. The independent section of the test will increase to 20 minutes, and the length of the test will remain at approximately 40 minutes. Read more…


New Sat Nav driving test on trial

Teenager Grant Ferguson from Bearsden Glasgow has become one of the first in the UK to pass his driving test using a satellite navigation system. Grant, 17, followed the device’s verbal instructions, pre-programmed by the examiner, for the first 20 minutes of his test. Read more…

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